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Update Home Security With New Doors

According to the FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Report released earlier this year (It takes a while to collate and interpret data), Alaska was found to be the most dangerous state in America that year. There were 804 violent crimes per 100,000 Alaskan citizens. That rate included 52 murders per 100,000 people and 409 adults per 100,000 were imprisoned. This is unfortunate and alarming news. But it gets a little worse for us here in Anchorage: we were declared the state’s most dangerous city. The most dangerous city in the most dangerous state in the USA. That’s a pretty hefty title, and not one any of us should be proud of. Suffice to say, home security is becoming a higher and higher priority in Alaska, and Anchorage in particular. We want to help you with that. Secure, Provia entry doors While we pride ourselves mostly on our windows at Renewal by Andersen of Alaska, we also offer a wide range of doors as well. In particular, our Provia entry doors provide not just all the weatherproofing and insulation you come to expect from a Renewal by Andersen backed product, but high-quality security features as well. Fiberglass Provia entry doors come with three locking mechanisms that all engage and disengage with a single motion. This gives the door two benefits: firstly, the door seals tighter to the frame than normal. Secondly, and more importantly, it provides superior security to your home. Provia explains the locking mechanisms on their fiberglass doors. Renewal by Andersen of Alaska also provides Provia steel doors as well. These come with a 24 gauge steel plate...

The Cost of Not Getting the Right Windows in Anchorage

As we finally say goodbye to winter, ask yourself: how much did you feel the cold in your home? Did you find yourself avoiding the areas around your windows? Was the area around them noticeably chillier than the rest of the house? And how was your power bill? Lots of Alaskans think that a window letting in cold air and a creating chilly zone is just a natural part of living in the state. It’s definitely something a lot of people have grown up with and gotten used to. But it doesn’t have to be that way — really, it shouldn’t be that way. Too many people in Anchorage put off the idea of getting their windows replaced. It’s more convenient for them to just deal with — and complain! — about the cold than to do something about it. And there’s the obvious upfront expense of paying for replacement windows that can discourage many people. But have you stopped to think about what the cost of not getting the right windows in Anchorage actually is? We’ll use an example of a customer we had. Years ago a couple who lived near Westchester Lagoon asked us for a quote on some new windows. We never send a quote on a job sight-unseen, so we arranged a meeting, did an in-home diagnosis and consultation, and presented our pricing to them. The homeowners said they’d get back to us. When we did finally hear from them it was about a year later. The couple had found someone who was willing to beat our price substantially to complete the project. They thought they’d got...
Replacing Entrance Doors in Anchorage Alaska

Replacing Entrance Doors in Anchorage Alaska

In life, first impressions are almost always based on appearance. This goes equally for your house and home, and the first thing people see up close when they visit your home is your front door. You want it to look good, make a good first impression — and be functional, energy-conscious, and secure. That’s a lot to ask, so if you’re thinking of replacing entrance doors in Anchorage, Alaska, where do you start? Choose a Style First Obviously, you want your door to be secure and work properly. But really you first need to know exactly what type of door you want. Will your entrance door be a single or double? Glass or no glass? If you want glass, how much, and in what style? Do you want glass on either side of the door as well? These questions are important because they’ll guide the materials used to construct the door. This, in turn, will determine the overall cost you can be expected to pay to make the door. Once You Have the Style, Choose the Right Brand Not all entrance doors are made equal. Especially somewhere cold like Alaska, you need to ensure that it’s weather sealed and properly insulated. A solid or hollow carved piece of wood might look inviting, but it probably won’t be enough to keep you warm and safe indoors. ProVia doors are designed to provide the security and insulation needed for Anchorage’s harsh climate. The frames are made of either steel or fiberglass. They’re filled with insulation material to keep the winter months warm and the summer months cool. You might be thinking...
Why It’s Important to Replace Old Windows in Your Home

Why It’s Important to Replace Old Windows in Your Home

Sunlight makes us happier. There’s a sense of warmth and relaxation when you throw back the shades and let the sunlight shine into the room. But, as winter sets in, the sun likes to play hide-and-seek with us. We all know that we must start preparing for cold winter temperatures. That means it’s time to make sure your home is in top condition to handle freezing temperatures and snowy days in Alaska. One essential element of your home, in both functionality and aesthetics, is your windows. Windows play various important roles, from protecting you from the elements to adding more value to your home. If your windows aren’t in good condition, it’s important to replace them as soon as possible. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider window replacement in Alaska: 1. Better Energy Efficiency We’ll be the first to admit that original, historic windows have a certain appeal to them. But, while they look amazing, they aren’t as energy efficient as new windows. And, with heating and cooling costs on the rise, you simply can’t afford to throw money out the window (pun intended.) Replacing your old windows with new ones that offer insulating features such as heat reflecting low-E coatings can save you between 10% and 25% each year on heating and cooling costs. 2. Old Windows May Cause Harm to Your Home If your windows are poorly sealed, worn or damaged, they might cause damage to your home. For instance, if your window is poorly sealed, you might lose warm air during winter. Moreover, a leak in your windows could cause water damage to the...

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