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What’s the Best Window for Alaskan Weather?

Alaska is renowned for its nature. Part of that is its infamous winters of blistering cold temperatures and lengthy stretches of almost pure darkness. If you’re renovating a home in Alaska, you want to pay special attention to choose the best window; it could be the difference between ongoing power and repair costs, and a wallet and environment-friendly investment. You might be asking, is there really that much of a difference between windows? The answer is a very simple yes. Too many homeowners don’t pay enough attention to what their windows are constructed with and get complacent. If you have the wrong window, you could be spending hundreds of dollars more a year than you need to be. So, what should you be looking for in your windows? Choosing the Best Window for Alaskan Weather Firstly, if your home was built with single pane windows, it’s either very old or made by someone who was more concerned with saving money than making an Alaska-friendly house. Single pane windows are terrible insulators. Alaska, as we said, is renowned world over for its winters. They’re some of the coldest and harshest on Earth. Choosing The Best Window Coating for Alaskan Weather From freezing winters to the blaring sun in summer, Alaskans and their windows have a lot thrown at them over a year. The ideal glass coating should act as an insulator, block harmful UV radiation, and not spoil those remarkable Alaskan views. SmartSun glass coating ticks these boxes. It’s also formulated to be easier to clean than plane glass or other glass coatings, making maintenance a breeze. Whether it’s a deluge of rain or...

Vinyl Windows Alaska: Yes or No?

Vinyl is a popular material for window frames. It’s affordable, it’s low maintenance, and it’s easy to clean. But, like any material, it has both its pros and its cons. This can be particularly noticeable somewhere like Alaska, which can experience extremes of weather throughout the year. So the question is, vinyl windows Alaska: yes or no? We go over the pros and cons and suggest an amazing alternative below. The Pros of Vinyl One of the most attractive things about vinyl is that it’s about the cheapest option. It’s substantially more affordable than aluminum or wooden frames, for example. Maintaining vinyl frames is generally much quicker than wood and aluminum as well. It’s less prone to staining and most marks can be easily wiped off. However, as you’ll see in the cons, there are some upkeep considerations to keep in mind. Vinyl is a very good insulator for a window frame. It’s far superior to, say, aluminum, which has a much higher thermal conductivity rating. That means it’s easier for heat to transfer through aluminum, letting cold in and heat out. Last, but not least, is that vinyl has a very slim profile compared to other materials. This gives you more glass area and thus more light into your home. The Cons of Vinyl Remember how we mentioned some maintenance issues? One of the biggest problems, especially when considering vinyl in Alaska, is its tendency to sag. This affects darker colored vinyl frames in particular, as they absorb more heat over time. Since vinyl has a very low warping temperature, it will deform quickly and leave gaps around the...

Choosing an Energy Efficient Window for Alaska

There’s a good chance your windows are costing you money. A lot of it—possibly into the hundreds of dollars annually. There’s a very simple reason, too: insulation. Alaska is a land of deep colds and blistering sun. Even with the best insulation in your roof, if you don’t have the right windows, your money’s going to start flying out the window. Here’s what you need to have an energy efficient window in Alaska. More Panes Means More Energy Efficient Window Glass is not the best insulating material. Particularly in the form of windows; a thin sheet of glass between you and an Alaskan winter is not going to do much. But if you put two sheets of glass together with a layer of gas between them, you now have a great insulating system. Not All Glass is Made Equal An insulating layer of gas is great, but there’s more you can do. The glass you choose is also important when creating energy efficient windows for Alaska. Low-E4 SmartSun glass is currently the most energy-efficient glass offered by Andersen. It’s over 40% more effective as an insulator than uncoated double pane windows, and it doesn’t noticeably block light. The coating is also designed to be easy to clean, making your life easier, and blocks 95% of harmful UV radiation. With Low-E4 SmartSun glass and triple pane windows, you can save around 25% on your energy bill over winter and around 18% over the summer. Getting the Right Fit Your home warps and settles over time. Shifts in the ground, from subtle movement to earthquakes, will gradually change the shape of the house. This can leave...
Why It’s Important to Replace Old Windows in Your Home

Why It’s Important to Replace Old Windows in Your Home

Sunlight makes us happier. There’s a sense of warmth and relaxation when you throw back the shades and let the sunlight shine into the room. But, as winter sets in, the sun likes to play hide-and-seek with us. We all know that we must start preparing for cold winter temperatures. That means it’s time to make sure your home is in top condition to handle freezing temperatures and snowy days in Alaska. One essential element of your home, in both functionality and aesthetics, is your windows. Windows play various important roles, from protecting you from the elements to adding more value to your home. If your windows aren’t in good condition, it’s important to replace them as soon as possible. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider window replacement in Alaska: 1. Better Energy Efficiency We’ll be the first to admit that original, historic windows have a certain appeal to them. But, while they look amazing, they aren’t as energy efficient as new windows. And, with heating and cooling costs on the rise, you simply can’t afford to throw money out the window (pun intended.) Replacing your old windows with new ones that offer insulating features such as heat reflecting low-E coatings can save you between 10% and 25% each year on heating and cooling costs. 2. Old Windows May Cause Harm to Your Home If your windows are poorly sealed, worn or damaged, they might cause damage to your home. For instance, if your window is poorly sealed, you might lose warm air during winter. Moreover, a leak in your windows could cause water damage to the...

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